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Here is a list of our older products that have now been updated with improved versions. Even though these products have been replaced, their manuals remain available to you.

All-In-One Wireless Security System


MAGELLAN is an all-in-one wireless security system that combines unique consumer features, ease of use and high security with a designer look you may never have associated with security.

  4- to 24-Zone Security Systems


Esprit offers you reliable, low-cost security that meets a host of customer needs.

Expandable Security Systems


Using its communication bus, expand your Spectra system via wireless and hardwire expansion modules and a variety of accessory modules.

  Expandable Security and Access Control


Digiplex systems provide high security and are designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use. Its modular concept makes expanding, installing and servicing Digiplex systems quick, convenient and cost efficient.

Auto-Panel Recognition

Auto-Panel Recognition

Modules with an APR3- prefix as part of their model number feature Auto-Panel Recognition, enabling them to function with Spectra, Digiplex or DigiplexNE. Auto-Panel Recognition greatly facilitates stocking and servicing since only one model needs to be kept on hand, resulting in lower servicing and inventory costs.

  Wireless Expansion Module and Transmitters


Omnia is designed to add reliable wireless capabilities to any Paradox. Available in 433MHz or 868MHz, Omnia can add up to 16 wireless zones and 16 remote controls.

Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors

From outdoor and pet-friendly digital motion detectors to analogue motion detectors, the Paradox series of motion detectors combine advanced features and patented technologies to provide a high level of detection and false alarm prevention.

  Security Accessories

Security Accessories

Paradox offers a number of security accessories to complement our systems, such as a voice dialer, a digital communicator, metal boxes and more.



Liberator is a 900MHz wireless system, which consists of an RF Receiver that can support up to 12 wireless transmitters (motion detectors and door contacts) and 12 remote controls. Liberator can be used in conjunction with any Paradox series control panel to offer wireless capabilities.



The Parakey is a wireless remote control system that consists of a receiving module and up to eight 4-button remote controls. When used in conjunction with any Paradox Esprit series control panel, Parakey remote controls can perform actions such as arming and disarming, communicating panic alarms and/or activating programmable outputs (PGMs).


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