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GPRS / IP Monitoring Receiver

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  • 1024 Supervised Paradox GPRS/IP Modules : High-speed supervision for up to 1024 Paradox control panels using a PCS Module or IP150 Internet Module. Every communication module can report each partition with a unique account number.
  • End-to-End Supervision : The entire communication line (control panel, internet module, receiver and automation software) is fully supervised and can be reported due to Paradox's proprietary encrypted communication.
  • Module Polling and Receiver Supervision : Up to 32 security profiles can be created per receiver with a programmable Module Polling Time and Receiver Supervision Time (seconds, minutes, or hours). If the receiver does not receive a presence message from the Internet Module within the Module Polling Time, the receiver will then wait until the Receiver Supervision Time elapses before reporting a supervision loss to the monitoring station's Automation Software.
  • Direct Communication :All reports are transmitted directly to the receiver from the PCS300, PCS200 or IP100 modules without having to use intermediary servers or network operation centers. This provides faster response, with no concerns about issues from intermediary providers, such as signals not properly relayed or communication failures.
  • Redundant Internet Service Provider (ISP) :2 Ethernet ports (WAN1 and WAN2) to receive events through two different ISPs.
  • 2 Serial Ports : COM1 connects to Automation Software (used by monitoring station) by emulating Radionics 6500 protocol. COM2 connects to a printer or a PC with an RS232 serial communication software view/print events in plain text format.
  • Communication Protocols : Supports ADEMCO 685, SURGARD MLR2-DG, and RADIONICS 6500 for event reporting to the monitoring station’s automation software.
  • Integrated Account Management Web Page : access web page via LAN port to view, edit and delete PCS200/IP100 modules, edit security profiles, configure receiver, view receiver troubles, and program special event report codes.
  • Data Backup on External Memory Card : The receiver has a built-in flash memory card slot for data backup (programmable intervals) and recovery. This allows fast and easy substitution of receiver units in crash recovery situations. Uses external SD, SD/HC, or MMC memory cards.
  • Firmware Upgradeable : The receiver is firmware upgradeable in less than 90 seconds and features automatic update verification.
  • Other Features :
  • Supports CID reporting formats
  • 256-bit AES data encryption
  • 2-line, 40-character LCD with a 6-button interface to view
       troubles, backup data to/from memory card, set IP Address and
       Subnet Mask for LAN port, and set LCD language, backlight
       and contrast, and set time and date
  • Supports 19" rack mounting (1U) or desktop installation
  • Output relay (triggered by selected events)
  • Input relay (sends selected events when triggered)
  • Automatic date and time synchronization via Network Time     Protocol (NTP)
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Standard 110/220Vac power supply
  • Extremely low noise and low power consumption (less than     10W)
  • Secure private operating system
  • EN50131 grade 3

    IP/GPRS PC Receiver Software

  • Desktop application that emulates the IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver, with unlimited # of accounts
  • Convert IP/GSM/GPRS panel reports into ADEMCO 685, SURGARD MLR2-DG, and RADIONICS 6500
  • Received events are converted and stored by the application in CID format, before being dumped out the output port in the chosen reporting format
  • Selectable input (IP port and GSM/GPRS modem) and output COM port
  • Report to a local automation SW/HW
  • Log all events and save them in a CID format
  • A GUI that delivers a more intuitive and simplified navigation
  • Operator profiles: administrator, operator and guests
  • Three levels of panel connectivity: dependant on operŽator permissions
  • Logging mechanism: enable a memory and file log with three levels - error, activity and debug
  • Expanded account events: 3 new internal account events and 12 receiver events
  • Automatic and manual back-up of events (time-based) and accounts (action triggered)
  • Improved backup capabilities: automatic, manual and password protected
  • An account recycle bin provides restore capabilities
  • Buffer and manage incoming events (events buffered while the monitoring software is down will be automatically transferred when the monitoring software presence is detected)
  • Register, display, and manage IP and GPRS devices without having to modify the panels
  • Support SMS registration and reporting protocol through commercial GSM/GPRS modem
  • Monitor GSM/GPRS modem and acknowledge central station on network failure detection
  • Allows for personalization (add your own company logo)
  • The software can be translated, Spanish, French and English dictionaries are included
  • Direct communication with monitoring software over IP or serial port
  • Configurable activity logs

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