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System Owner Software for DigiplexNE / EVO96
Please review the License Agreement before downloading
End-User Management Software

Whatís New with V3.00:
  • Added support for EVO96 control panel, also supports DigiplexNE (DGP-NE96).
  • Events List
    The Live Events List and Stored Events List have now been combined into one Events List, which is located at the bottom of every screen in NEware. Having one running list of all events eliminates duplication and makes it easier to sort, search, and filter events.
  • System Monitoring Screen
    Area, Zone, Door, and PGM views can now be turned on and off, allowing the user to customize the information displayed on the System Monitoring screen.
  • Zone Display
    The zone display now eliminates the need to toggle information off and on by combining:
        - Open / close / alarm status
        - Label
        - Alarm memory identification
        - Bypass status
  • Report Documentation
    Reports can now be saved in XLS, CSV, PDF, TXT, HTM, RTF, and QRP formats.
  • Backup / Restore feature
    The Backup / Restore function now stores userís first and last name. For increased security, backup information can now be password-protected.
  • Database Management
    NEware now uses a NEXUS database server, which greatly increases performance and speed. NEware also reserves dedicated backup memory which centralizes information and increases capacity.
  • Multiple Installations
    If a computer includes multiple installations of NEware, the task bar button for each installation can now be individually labeled.
    NEware V3.00 SP4 Update:
    Security edition (NEW-SEC) - Version 3.00

    With the Security edition, users can:
    • Create and delete User Codes
    • Assign security options to users
    • View system events
    • Monitor the system
    • Create and print reports
    • Set auto-arm timers
    Download NEware Security Upgrade 3.00 SP4
    Security and Access Control edition (NEW-ACC) - Version 3.00

    This edition includes all Security edition features plus the following:
    • Assign access control options to users
    • Store and assign access control cards
    • Program access levels
    • Set schedules
    Download NEware Security Upgrade 3.00 SP4
    Language Service Packs

    NEware has been translated into many languages, however this version may not support all languages. As soon as your specific language file becomes available, we will make the download available to you.

    Download the desired language service pack from the links below and run the .exe file to automatically upgrade your NEware software languages.

    Hungarian language service pack (Translated by: Paradox Hungary)
    Last Updated: 12-20-2006

    (Download EXE: 860 KB)

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