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We are always interested in receiving your feedback. Should you have any comments or stories to share about our products or services please don't hesitate to send us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kelly Walker ( Arkansas)
Absolute Security, Fire & Design

"My name is Kelly Walker with Absolute Security, Fire & Design here in Arkansas. I was an avid DSC dealer until Joe Guernica convinced me otherwise to use Paradox products. One of my main concerns about changing to a new panel was that I'd surely have questions, and I have had a lot. I'm writing this brief note to give you some feedback on your technical support personnel. I have called and bugged these guys so many times I've lost count. I'm on first name basis with some of them. This is not to say I don't know what I'm doing, but rather, that I enjoy the product, and am installing a lot of them now. I want to make the panels function to their fullest extent. I just put in a DigiplexNE with 8 doors and 28 addressable motions with NEware software and I love it. EVERYTIME I have called, I have always been greeted with a pleasant voice from your receptionist and she promptly puts me through to tech. support. I have never waited more than a minute to talk with someone. I have always found that whomever I have talked with has proven to be very knowledgeable about Paradox products and can usually fix my problem within a couple minutes. My hat is off to you and your staff for an excellent job done. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep selling and installing your products."

Patrice Martin ( Québec)
Service de sécurité privé inc.

"Ayant installé les produits du DSC pendant près de 14 ans, je peux aujourd'hui affirmer que Paradox devance de beaucoup les produits actuellement disponibles sur le marché, et ce tant au niveau esthétique que fiabilité..."

Juraj Urbancik (Czech Republic)
Variant Plus

"We received the new Grafica keypad today and it is really very nice!!! Congratulations to the entire Grafica team!"

Martin Lukac ( Slovakia)
Variant Alfa

"Very, very nice keypad. I've never seen something like this before. Can't wait to test it. Congratulations!"

Frederic Rosenberger (Germany)
SSAM International

"Our first impression about Grafica was "Wow". It's unbelievably good. We think that this new technology will give Paradox a very good position in the market."

Richard Cutforth ( New Zealand)
Security Merchants

"We are getting a huge amount of interest in Grafica. It is truly the best keypad by far that we have ever seen in the security industry. I can't wait to get my hands on it!"

George Videnov ( Bulgaria)

"The top news around here is Paradox's new Grafica keypad. This is really the TOP keypad (KILLER!!!) that I have ever seen in the industry! This is not just a compliment-you did a great job and the least I can say is-congratulations!"

Kevin Weaving ( South Africa)
SAFE Security Systems

"Congratulations! It is nice to see Paradox has become the market leader in the electronic security industry, and it is well deserved. Due to Paradox and its team's commitment to developing unique, innovative and quality products, smaller independent companies like ourselves are able to compete with the likes of Tyco (ADT). As a result, we are considered to be #1 by most consumers in our areas of operation. Thank you, and keep it up!"

Dusko Banda (Hungary)
Paradox Hungary

"This keypad looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. We're very excited about Grafica. It's gorgeous!"

Carlo Hruby (Italy)

"We have just received the new Grafica keypad, and we wish to thank you and congratulate you on this new exciting product. We are very impressed by this new keypad, which will definitely set a new standard in the alarm industry."

Victor Hugo ( Guatemala)
Global Security Network

"Grafica was the main attraction and generated a lot of interest and curiosity at our trade show in Guatemala, Latin America. We received all kinds of compliments and everybody who saw Grafica was amazed."

Youssef Hassan ( Syria)
Ein-Azaitoon Co. Advanced Systems Int.

"The new Grafica keypad and the DG85 and DG466 digital motion detectors not only prove Paradox's high technology and development in the security field, but also the company's great interest in customers by offering high security, variety and user-friendly products before we even had a chance to ask for them."

Nelson Tee ( Malaysia)
CHH Construction System

"We have received Grafica and it is spectacular-great work!"

Pat Alvaro (Canada)
Burtek-Systems Inc.

"The keypad is a fresh departure from anything else claiming to be a keypad. Of particular interest is the resemblance of a PDA and a Nokia cellular phone both of which are hot commodities in the market place, known for their ease of use and popularity amongst people around the world. How did you ever come up with something so clever?"

Leonard Mattie (USA)
A.L.M. Security

"I can't express my excitement enough about the new keypad! My knowledge of electronics is extensive and I make it a point to buy every alarm control that arrives on the market to bench test and examine the DL software. Between the (Digiplex) and the Grafica keypad, I forsee a complete transition away from DSC to Paradox."

Fouad Chihimy (Lebanon)
Advanced Systems Int.

"I was very impressed with Grafica. Its technology is very advanced. I'm sure it will put Paradox at the very top of the security industry. Congratulations!"

Matthew W. Cole PhD ( Bahamas)
Patronius Security Systems Ltd.

"Just thought I'd let you know how pleased and impressed we are with the DG85 Outdoor Motion Detector. We installed 9 of them in a customer's large yard (complete with vegetation and dogs) and so far they have performed marvelously. The customer is also extremely pleased! We appreciate your excellent products and commitment to research and innovation, as well as your products' reliability."

Jeffrey Lupovici (Canada)
Novation Security Systems

"Paradox has given my company a new perspective on the security installation business. Your fresh and timely product innovations are indicative of a company that truly wants to support its dealers and end users. With the Digiplex, Spectra, and your superior motion detectors, I am confident that I have chosen a winner. Your L.C.D. keypads are more informative, and we can enter larger zone descriptions as opposed to the "other" brand. Another great feature is the way we can assign zones on the Digiplex, the full flexibility allows true zone allocation not dependent on hardware inputs. The serial panel connect works like a charm. Never an issue with having to press commands at a keypad, and other time consuming tasks to connect on site, or remote. I also appreciate your panel's switch mode power supplies which run efficiently without nasty heat sinks. Less heat = Less power consumption, and greater efficiency. (No old LM317 regulators with heat sinks in your designs!) If you keep up the pace of research and development, you will be guaranteed the World market; and each and every one of you deserves it! Your technical support is FAST, EFFICIENT, AND FRIENDLY. No waiting on line listening to marketing on hold messages. With a 31 year history in the security installation industry, I am proud to quote and install PARADOX and I will continue to do so. Sincerely, Jeff Lupovici"

Dwayne Babyn (Canada)
Protech Telephone & Alarm Systems

"I would like to commend the Paradox technical support team, especially Alexander, for finding a solution when I had a broken MG-RCV3 wireless receiver … Alexander quickly responded with a solution … which was a great help because the job site was 1 ½ hours away from home base which would have meant another trip and lost time to replace the missing part. Paradox, your tech support is the BEST. It is your support and product at Paradox that will put you on TOP."

Richard Ewing (USA)
The SRS Group, Inc.

"I greatly appreciate the innovation and rapid product development you have generated in the past year. The EVO is the best access control product in its price range. Hands-down, there is no comparing it with the DSC Maxsys. The IP100 is a long-awaited solution for multiple-site access control management. I feel like if a feature is missing from one of your products, all I have to do is wait for the next release, e.g WinLoad 4.0."

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