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NEware Validation

In order to prevent unlicensed copies of NEware from being reproduced and utilized, the NEware software needs to be validated. If the NEware software is not validated, it will function as a Demo edition only. It is important that the validation process be understood prior to selling the NEware software.

Validation of the NEware software is accomplished by obtaining a Registration Code, which is unique for every installation. The Registration Code limits the software's functionality to one DigiplexNE/EVO control panel only. By using the NEware software's serial # and the DigiplexNE/EVO control panel's serial #, the unique Registration Code is obtained.

Required information to obtain an NEware registration code

  • DigiplexNE's/EVO's 8-digit serial number
  • NEware's 16-digit serial number
  • Contact name and e-mail address
How to request an NEware Registration Code

The request for a Registration Code can be made at any time, but we recommend doing it prior to installation so that all the necessary information is available when the onsite installation process begins. There are three ways to request an NEware Registration Code.

  • Prior to installing the NEware software, a request for a Registration Code can be made online on our Web site (click here).
  • A request for a Registration Code can also be made onsite during installation of the NEware software by either fax or e-mail. During the installation process, follow the on-screen instructions, fill in the required information and then either print out the form and fax it in, or e-mail it directly with the touch of a button.
  • The Registration Code can also be requested manually by completing the Registration Code Request Form included with the NEware software and faxing it in.

How the Registration Code will be received

If the request was made online the NEware registration code will be received by e-mail within a few minutes, within 24 hours if the request was made by fax.

How to validate NEware

Once having received a Registration Code, the next step is to validate the NEware software. Start NEware, follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the required information.

How to receive updated NEware information

Updated information about the NEware software, including new editions, can be received through e-mail simply by completing the appropriate sections in the Registration Code Request Form.

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